Cozy Up! – Style Board (and a Winner!)


Good Friday to you! I am taking a little give-away break (don't worry…there are two more!) to bring you a little fall-inspired style board. It's chilly out and the tights and boots and close-toed shoes are in full rotation but it may not quite be full-on coat season just yet (my very favorite kind of weather). This is the time of year that it's all about the accessories! It's their time to shine before really keeping Jack Frost out becomes the main goal and we get all focused on this “function over fashion” nonsense. Pshaw! It is this time of year that I head for my most happy, colorful and textured knits.

Some of you may know that I have a penchant for anything patterned, and also a little bit of an accessory problem addiction. So when the two meet, I start hearing circus music in my head. There are so many wonderful options out there that I think this might be a 4 part series on scarves alone…but I thought I would start with my true north: stripes. And having just spend a small fortune on fun striped socks to usher in my boots and clogs (oh yes, clogs.) for fall, I will include some of my favorite finds there too.What is better than a perky little peek of pattern under a pant leg or sneaking out from above your boot line? I have thought about it, and not much comes to mind at the moment!

I do have to give a shout out to SmartWool here for making some of the very best and most adorable socks around! They are warm, but not too warm and they last forever! Nice job guys! Also! If you are in the Boston/Cambridge area and love socks, head to Cambridge Clogs for the best selection I have seen. Hands down.


1.) Striped Infinity Scarf by Tolani ~ Piperlime (sorry y'all! by the time I got to posting this, it appears to be sold out…they might be just backordered.)

2.) Stripe Sock ~ Topshop

3.) Black Stripe Snood ~ Topshop

4.) SmartWool High Isle Sock ~ REI

5.) Colorful Fair Isle Slippers ~ Forever21

6.) Paul Smith Stripe Scarf ~ FarFetch

7.) Epice Plum Stripe Scarf ~ Shop Goldyn (* Hey Santa! This would look LOVELY on me…)

8.) SmartWool Frilly Knee Highs ~ Sahalie

9.) Pinwheel Circle Scarf ~ Madewell

Hope this helps you get a little Cozy! Let me know your faves!


We also have a winner from the Sweetheart Sponsor Love-bomb give-away!! Thanks for showing them such love! I hope you found some clever, beautiful and interesting things on the way!

The SS Number Generator picked:

Comment #41 from Heather G. who found delight in Amy Peter's Studio's Starlight Rings!

Congrats Heather! Emily will be in touch to get you your CGD Holiday loot!!

Side note on Holiday Products: Many of you are wondering when/how you can get a hold of some of the CGD holiday product. I know! It's time! Our holiday cards and boxed sets will be on the website in short order. I will make an announcement when they go live. As for the rest of the product, we have SUCH limited quantities and have no access to more on some of the items, that I will be posting them here on the blog so you guys get first dibs. We will do them first-come first-serve style through our office. It is not an ideal situation, but I don't think anyone knew how dang cute all this stuff was gonna be and how fast it would sell through (except for me, of course!). I will be starting that process next week. Stay tuned and THANK YOU for loving it as much as I do!


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