Final Marmalade Logo!


Artwork and writing is © 2010Curly Girl Design, Inc./Leigh Standley. all rights reserved.

Happy Valentine's Day all!! Hope this day finds you feeling loved and eating (just a little) some yummy chocolate! I spent the weekend finishing up the new Marmalade logo and think I totally love it! Thank you all for your input, it was very helpful. Ultimately I ended up combining elements from a few different samples, the “M” from (my fave) #2, the bolder “d” from #1 and the body of the overwhelming favorite, #4. Man, you guys are suckers for a little flower!! Ha! Actually, I am too…obviously.

I did some more flowers to be used throughout the rest of the suite and really love the options. I included our interior color pallet to give you an idea of what some of the final elements will end up looking like.

I can't wait to see this big, beautiful swirly new logo up on our big new sign!! It's going to take forever to have made, so I will have to learn patience, but until then… let me know what you think!


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