From the Kitchen Table Podcast with Leigh Standley


From the Kitchen Table Podcast

Curly Girl Design founder Leigh Standley sat down with Jo Packham, host of the From the Kitchen Table podcast, for a fun and informative conversation about longevity and creativity in business for the long haul. You can listen to podcast by clicking the link below.

Jo Packham and Leigh Standley discuss celebrating a big milestone, Curly Girl’s 20 years in business, and how Leigh’s line of clever and colorful greeting cards and giftware have changed the way we connect with each other. Leigh speaks about how she harnesses the power of language and humor to help people feel seen and understood.

They also discuss how Leigh’s work has set trends in the greeting card industry, and how she recently earned a prestigious Louie Award as Writer of the Year from the Greeting Card Association.

After 20 years in Boston, Leigh now lives in the Midwest with her husband and twin 8-year-olds. She believes firmly in the power of creativity and community to unlock our truest selves and is proudly “living imperfectly with great delight.”

Leigh also reveals a special secret: “I’m a bit of a talented animal noisemaker,” she says.

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