Lookbook & Giveaway!



Hiya Lovelies! This year we made our first ever lookbook for our retail customers and it turned out so sweet I wanted to share! If you did not get it in your email a month or so ago, and you want to be the MOST up-to-date, take a minute and subscribe to our email list here . It is the best way to be first in line for new stuff… and if I were you, I might get on there before tonight. Just sayin’… we might have a big announcement that you won’t want to miss out on (or wait around for me to blog about..ahem…)

Anyway, instead of making a Curly Girl wish list for you I thought I would send you this lovely and inspire you to make your own! If you DO, I would love to see it! In fact! I’ll make it worth your while!
Post your Curly Girl wish list, or your wish list that includes items from Curly Girl or Marmalade and tag me in it with #CGDWISHES, or post a link to it in comments here (@curlygirldesign on Instagram & Facebook ) and you will be entered to win one of our special edition HOLIDAY MINI CANVASES signed by me!

You have a week! Contest ends Wednesday December 17th at 5pm EST. Have fun!!

P.S. If you read carefully, there might be a coupon hidden in our Lookbook…


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