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Our darling Amy modeling our darling apron!

OH. MY. GOOD. GRACE. You guys! There are so many of you out there! Now, I am fully into the power of positive thinking and putting stuff out into the universe and not shrinking from your light, but being new to the blog world, I am literally amazed that there are over 200 of you Curly Girl lovers out there willing to comment on my little blog! Granted, giving away cute stuff never hurts, but I am always bowled over when people that are not my mom tell me that they are reading or post a comment. (P.S. Kathy Gallagher, I laughed out loud when you threatened to tell my mom!)

Thank you so much for your comments and for sharing your travel plans and exciting family visits. You guys are going so many wonderful places for so many wonderful reasons! I wish there was a program (somebody tell me if there is!) that I could plug in all of your locations into and make pins on a map so you all could see. I can't tell you how happy it made me to read all of your journeys…it seems like the news and the state of things is so depressing sometimes that we forget to talk about all the normal, fun, happy, beautiful things that all of us are continuing to do. We are going places!!

I wish I had an owl (yes, like in Harry Potter) that could deliver each one of you a pretty luggage tag for your journeys, but alas, we had to pick just one. Because there were so many of you we ditched the paper in a hat plan and plugged the numbers into a random number generator. The winner of 7 lovely luggage tags is:

Comment number 172 (lacks a little pizzazz doesn't it!!?) Allison, whose journeys will no doubt have her back and forth to Home Depot fixing up her new home! Congrats Allison, we will contact you for your details.

So today I would like to hear from you again! (I know…now I am getting pushy!) My product and this blog are made with love, and sitting behind this computer, and just getting a taste of who you all are and all the places you come from I want to know how you happened to get here! Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you first found Curly Girl products, or this blog. What you love about them, or what you would like to see more of on the blog. I am asking for it aren't I?

The winner of this give away will receive this barely-in-stores-yet almost too-cute-I-can't-bear-to-give-it-away brand new Curly Girl Apron by Demdaco! Think of all the things you can make with love while you are wearing it! (ahem,keep it clean…) The newest line from Demdaco is so incredibly cute and functional you guys are not going to believe it! I am so pleased with how everything turned out! (Thanks to all who worked so hard on it!)

So, leave your comment with a little love and we will pick a winner on Sunday July 17th!


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