Marmalade is on the Move!


I know it's Saturday, but I have a big announcement that I didn't get to tell you this week! It's official!! Marmalade is moving to Main Street (this is where you hear the theme song to 'The Jeffersons”…)! Our little shop has been just upstairs from our warehouse and offices for it's three years and we are busting at the seams ready to take on the world!

We are not moving far, 1.3 miles to be exact, but we are moving to Belmont Center, which is the main street of our little town. This is a pretty big deal for me personally, as it means we are growing (my word!), we are going to be able to build even more of a community around Curly Girl and it's retail manifestation: Marmalade, I will be a visible presence in my own community (I live there!) and most importantly, we will have TWO TIMES THE SPACE!! Can't wait to make this little/big shop sparkle and meet our new neighbors (which include a Starbucks and the best ice cream shop in town…just sayin'). We also will have workshop space in the lower level…perfect for bringing in our clever friends in to do small classes! Yeep!

Little Marmalade will close at the end of Feb. with the big moving sale already in progress and we are pushing for an opening of April Fool's Day for Big Marmalade (we are still gonna call it just Marmalade, but until then…). I will be posting photos of the whole process….it is guaranteed to be an adventure. So glad you are along for the ride!


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