The “Amy’s 40” Canvas Sale!!


Ok folks! We are doing something that we have never done before and may never do again. I will give you a hint: it's a four-letter word starting with “S” and ending with “ALE”!!

It is our production manager Amy's big 4-0 this weekend (Happy Birthday Ame!) and she is feeling festive. To celebrate she (the keeper of the canvases) has decided to do a one-time, very limited, wild and crazy sale on our hand-finished-signed-by-Leigh-collector's-item wall canvases!!

We are offering these 10 canvases for over 30% off their retail price starting right now. There are only a few of each style available (in some cases only one!) and they will be available at the sale price only while supplies last. Each canvas is $200 (regular price $300) plus shipping. Our canvases are made right here in Boston. Either 21″ x 21″ (square) or 18″ x 21″ (rectangle), printed with UV-protected ink on natural canvas (will not fade!), then hand stretched and finished and signed by Leigh.

If you have had a canvas on your wish list…now is the time!

Very Important! To order, email: with your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and WHICH CANVAS YOU WOULD LIKE (only styles shown are available for this promo). She will contact you for payment details.

Have fun!!! And if you have a sec, leave Amy a birthday wish here!


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