Spring Signings Cont.


I hope you all had fabulous and chocolate-filled Easter weekends! Mine was included a very very busy day at Marmalade and a Sunday all to myself (and Coach). Even though I love living where we live, holidays are a little sad without family around. My mom even mailed us a huge Easter basket full of fancy treats and we Skyped, but it is of course not the same. Sniff. 

We had our first downright glorious warm spring day here in Boston, so I skipped church and opted for gardening gloves over Sunday best. I took a long walk with Lucy in the sunshine and talked coach into helping me mulch. You know, your basic romantic stuff.

Speaking of romantic stuff, in March I had the good fortune to travel to Portland, OR (you may have heard me raving about it) to do a signing at Dragonfly Greetings and Gifts in West Linn. I had a fantastic time with these girls and they made me feel so wonderfully welcome (champagne always helps!) and they do such an incredible job with Curly Girl products in their store I couldn't help but gush! So many fun Curly Girl fans showed up and we got to chat and hang out and laugh.

Like I mentioned, this is pretty much my favorite part of my job. There are so many things I love about traveling around and hanging out with the Curly Girl friends, fans and shop owners, but the main reason is: it's really freakin' fun!

For example, our super-star sales rep Julie showed up at Dragonfly in pretty much the cutest outfit I had ever seen posing with her CGD wine glass and hammed it up for the camera for a bit. (side note: Julie took time out of her busy selling-schedule to get dressed up like a Zombie last year to dance the 'Thriller Dance” with 1100 other zombies in public for “Thrill the World“… which makes her pretty awesome all around.)

And in Columbus a few weeks ago I got to see Amy and her friend Bernie again!

They had come to the first signing I did at Helen Winnemore's a few years ago. We had taken photos together, and being the super creative and clever person she is, Amy made these incredible scrapbook pages of that day!! She brought them with her to show me and I nearly fell over! How cute are these! I can't remember the last time I actually printed photos out (bad, I know) much less had the sense to do something this gorgeous with them!! There is even a sparkly tiara stuck in there! Thanks Amy for bringing this out, it nearly made me cry!

So, those are the highlights thus far! I could go on and on…and I may, but for today I will just ask you to share your funniest Easter/Passover stories with me…I need a little family fix.



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