The Story Behind the Kathy Sale



Kathy Sale

How Our Biggest Sale of the Year Came to Be (A True Story)

This is my mom Kathy. (Isn’t she the cutest?)

A couple of years ago, we were chatting on the phone and she told me she was on the way to the Dollar Store to pick up some greeting cards..

“Excuse me?” I said.uberlube luxury lubricant 8 ft kayak ASU Jerseys smith and soul vanhunks kayak inflatable kayak jock strap custom maple leafs jersey dallas cowboys slippers mens casquette femme von dutch custom nfl football jerseys borsa prima classe air jordan 1 low flyease alpinestars caschi NFL College Jerseys

Now, I don’t mind the Dollar Store for you know, balloons, and a quick roll of aluminum foil, but I’d like to think that the cards that your daughter writes and designs WITH ALL OF HER HEART are first in consideration when you are putting a stamp on something.

“Mom,” I said super calmly, “Why (pray, tell) are you going to the dollar store for your greeting cards?. . .”

“Well,” she said, “I can’t afford to buy YOURS all the time!”

I gasped.

First, we work VERY VERY hard to keep our prices among the lowest in the industry and have for nearly 20 years.

And second, I knew it required immediate action.

As any reasonable person might expect, I took the time to explain to Kath that the act of giving ME life has entitled her to as many free Curly Girl cards as she needs for the duration of HERS.

But, I understood her point. We are card people, we LOVE to put stamps on things and send love in the mail and we want to do that as often as possible…but that can get EXPENSIVE. (Even if the cards are, ahem,  Award-Winning and very reasonably priced to begin with…)

My mom was representing us all.

It was at that moment that Kathy’s Sale was created.
We thought that you—the card lovers of the world—deserved a good stock-up sale once in a while.

So each year, for one day only (because we still have to pay the rent), all of our greeting cards are 50% off.

It’s our way of saying “thank you” and helping you build your stash so you always have the perfect non-cheesy (yes, more than a dollar) thing to send. Take that dollar store.

Our first Kathy’s Sale was a roaring success. It almost broke our website. The second one did better than the first. And now Kath is famous and it has gone to her head.

We are trying to shatter a record this year to give Kath bragging rights and help support our small business through the quieter months.

So, in honor of my mom, Kathy, we celebrate each year with Kathy’s Sale, where you can get all the greeting cards you need for HALF OFF! That’s an offer that’s too good to resist.

So everybody, please send Kathy a high five. Enjoy these photos that I did not ask permission to put on the internet (gulp) and SET AN ALARM!


Kathy Sale Images

Insider Scoop: The 3rd Annual Kathy Sale is Thursday, January 20, 2022! Mark your calendar.

Kathy Love from Instagram!

@Jessicaddickson: Such an adorable way to honor her.
@Shawnkenelty: I love your mom…and your cards!! 😍
@Alissa_spencer27: Aww big squeeze to your adorable Mom
@pkogborn:Love Kathy! Love a sale!!
@Amyac69: Kathy is the cutest! 💗💗💗
@_megconley: I love this so much. Can’t wait to share the sale.
@Nannetk: Yay! I’ve been trying my best to support artist’s cards and not the big companies during this pandemic!
Vtnaturalist: This is such a sweet story. Moms are the best ❤️ and I love your cards too!
@ashaell: get ready to break the internet again
@Alohannigan: Thank you, Kathy! And Curly Girl😉❣️
@Mdgross04: Love that. Have you turned over a Shoebox card lately? $4 for a mass produced single piece of card stock. I’d much rather spend my money on your beautiful artwork. 💜
@Stantau: Oh my gosh, your mom is adorable 💕
@Jonzin2go: love the Kathy SALE💕🤗
@Lindseyhmoran: Kathy is cute af!
@woodkarens: This is great!!! Hate dollar tree cards @leigh.standley

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