Traveling Circus Give Away!


Hello Friends! It's that time again. The time of year when my dedicated Curly Girl staff and I lace up our travel shoes, pack our cutest outfits and head out to sell our wares at the trade shows. It's a bit like a traveling circus….we put on our tutus and a little rouge and twirl around for everybody hoping for applause (or in our case, the ordering of fun Curly Girl product by fun stores so that fun you can find it there!). Through the years we have made some dear dear friends at these shows and get to see their pretty faces when we roll into town. It makes the whole process feel more like a community than you might think.

This year, we made a dramatic change in our presence at the Atlanta Gift Show. We moved our booth out of the temporary section of the show (where we would set up and break down a big booth each time we came to town) to a permanent showroom in another building of the Mart. This was a big decision (that you can read more about here) and I have to say, that as I walked up to our bright and shiny space this morning and turned the key to open it (instead of building it!) I felt pretty darn good about it.

IT'S SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!! I just love being in here and I think that our buyers do too! (Here's hoping!) So, if you are a buyer, and you are coming to market PLEASE come by and see us! We are serving champagne after 4pm most days and are just generally looking forward to seeing everyone! We are in Building 2WW #690a.

Because I will be here in this nice cool showroom in one of the hottest places on earth most of the week, and because I get to be surrounded by all of this cute stuff all week, I think it's time for a little give away!!!


I just got to see and hold our new Curly Girl Luggage Tags from Santa Barbara Design Studio and they are so cool and each one is so cute that I can't decide which one to put on my own bag!

So, the winner of today's give away will receive not one, not two, but a whole set of 7 Curly Girl Design Luggage Tags!!! One for each of your adventures! Just comment on this post (one comment per person please) and tell us where your traveling circus has taken you this summer. While you're at it, share this blog with a friend who you think would love it (no extra points, it's just the nice thing to do.) We will pick a winner Friday July 15th. Good Luck!!


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