We are moving! (And having a warehouse sale!)


Since it is our tenth (TENTH!) year in business, and since we were out growing our longtime basement-of-a-building-near-a-dumpster-but-really-close-to-my-house-so-I-could-see-if-it-was-on-fire office situation, and since our lease was up this year, we decided that it was time for some grown-up, big-girl, just our style office space.

That is a long way of letting you know that we are moving our offices and retail warehouse across town and thusly, need to have a HUGE SALE so we don't have to physically move all that stuff!

There is a LOT of great stuff on sale right now in the online shop, and it is first-come/first-serve. There are even a bunch of signed canvases that we only have singles of and want you to have at a ludicrously low price. We only have a handful of days before we move to get this stuff out of here and into your hot little hands, so think of all the gifts you have wanted to buy or send or give to yourself and what a bountiful Curly Girl summer you are about to have and get thee over to the sale!

The direct link for the sale is here, and I am posting just a handful of the canvases that we have in the sale…some of them we only have one of so you'd better boogie!

If you need help, have questions about dinosaurs or just want to chat with someone about the awesome savings, email Lauren (lauren@curlygirldesign.com) or call the office: 617-484-9502 and she, or someone as nice as she is, will be glad to help you.

These awesome large-format, hand-finished and signed (by me!) canvases are in the sale along with many others! WHAT!? I know. Crazy.


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