We love teachers! Pass it on! – A Giveaway


October is when the dust has settled. When we get into the groove, when all the hubbub and all the newness of the beginning of the school year has begun to wear off and the real work begins. October is when we get our first round of 'it's been going around” and have already lost one shin guard and a retainer at least once. October is a perfect time to remember to love up our teachers.

We love teachers! Just about my whole family is comprised of teachers, many Curly Girl staffers are former teachers, married to teachers or just really big teacher-fans. I will save you my several thousand soapboxes about the state of education and treatment of high-quality educators and turn my attention to celebrating them!

We have printed up a VERY limited run (Like, less than 100) of posters with my 'Good Teacher” art and want you to help us send them out to amazing teachers. We will pack them, ship them (via First Class Mail) and even send along a little note, all you have to do is tell us who to send them to. Our hope is that the recipients will feel loved, appreciated and seen as the amazing powers of change that they are, and hang them in their classrooms or offices or bathrooms to remind them of that every single day. That's it. Simple as that. 

So help us! Think about a teacher you know that has changed your life, or is affecting the life of someone you know. Someone you work with or admire the work of. Think hard and be specific. You only get to pick one. Tell us briefly about them and why you think they should have a poster, then tell us where to send it (ONLY School/work addresses please!). The first 70 people to comment will have their poster sent out.

We can't wait to put these in the post! Thanks for being part of this!

THE NITTY GRITTY:The first 70 comments with the appropriate information will get posters. Sorry, but there are a very limited number available. Posters will be shipped to school or work addresses only, as the address must be posted in the body of the comment. Please do not post anyone's private or home address. Only blog comments will be eligible. 

Please state your teacher's first and last name, tell us why you think they should get a poster and provide the mailing address in the body of the comment. ONE comment per person please! We know/hope it's hard to pick just one, but you must. Posters will ship out over the next month, delivery times may vary. 


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