Leigh’s Super Fresh Guacamole


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Happy Friday!! It is going to be HOT this weekend and outside of quickly digging in a pool in my back yard, the second most refreshing thing I can think of is cold Corona and fresh guacamole. Sadly, you will have to drink my Corona, but fortunately I make the BEST guacamole (if I do say so myself…) and am here today to tell you how to make it. It's best to make it before you start enjoying double Coronas though…improves your knife skills.

This is a super fresh guac (hence the clever title) that has nothing but raw ingredients in it. It does not contain garlic or red onions because a.) I am allergic to them and b.) I think that we should occasionally be able to enjoy guac without smelling like it later. You will not miss them or regret making it this way.

Though it contains a jalepeno pepper, it is not very spicy. If you want it hotter, use a serrano pepper or something to taste, just make sure it is a fresh pepper and not a dried one.

Also, I use a food processor (see my previous posts on how I feel about this magic kitchen tool). You can certainly do this by hand if you want a chunkier guac, just make sure your onions and pepper are minced as finely as possible.

Leigh's Super Fresh Guacamole


4 spring onions

1 lime

3 ripe avocados

1 fresh jalapeno pepper

coarse sea salt

(this serves 6-8 with a bag of good tortilla chips)



Cut the ends off of the spring onions and then cut them off again about and inch into the green part. Stick in the bowl of the food processor or dice finely and put in a medium sized bowl.

Prepare the pepper by quartering it and removing the stem, seeds and ribs (the white part inside the pepper). Do this carefully and wash your hands and knife after. Your Corona won't taste nearly as good if you have hot pepper oil in your eye. Put the prepared pepper in the food processor or dice finely and put in bowl.

If you are using the food processor, go ahead and add the juice of 1/2 of your lime to the onion and pepper and give it a quick salt. Process the mix until it is diced up really finely together. You may need to scrape the sides periodically. If you are just using a bowl, add the lime juice and salt and mix well.

Half your avocados and remove the pits. I use a knife to score them into cubes and then scoop them out with a spoon into the food processor with the onion and pepper mixture. Pulse to mix. You will alternate pulsing and scraping to get it good and mixed. During this process, add the juice of the rest of the lime and salt to taste (good and salty is a nice off-set to all the lime…). Buzz until creamy and dish up!

If you are using a bowl, mash the avocados up with a fork and add in the salt and remaining lime to taste. Mix well with onions and peppers, and serve.

This is best served immediately (mostly because you will not be able to resist it…) but stick one of the avocado pits into the bowl and cover with saran wrap in the fridge and it will be good for a couple of days.


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