Studio Tour – Michelle Allen


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Hello! and Happy Friday! Spring is upon us (supposedly, it snowed here yesterday…) and that means it's time for packing away the turtlenecks, mittens and gloves, tidying up the garden, dusting off the lawn mower and polishing up your ice cream spoon. What? You don't have a dedicated ice cream spoon? Rookie. Among our other day-to-day tasks we must add a little spring cleaning. For me, this will mean re-organizing my studio. (I actually laughed a little when I typed 're')

But no matter. It's time. I always love seeing other people's creative spaces and how they organize and display their inspiration, tools and supplies. It is so inspiring and motivating! That, plus a good re-watch of “Mary Poppins” and I am ready to or-gan-ize!! Spit Spot!!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the studio of Michelle Allen (of Allen Design Studio) and one of my teachers from last year's Artfest. Michelle has an out-building on her property that serves as her art studio and is just steps away from her home in Battle Ground, WA. The room is spacious, warm, and filled with cozy couches and colorful art. The centerpiece is a huge worktable that you just want to pull up a stool to and get your paint on! The details of Michelle's studio are what captured my heart though. She has such a wonderful style that mixes vintage, industrial, bright and goofy. Everything is so organized in unique and visually beautiful ways that you can see how it translates into her artwork. You can actually see how her environment influences her artwork. I love that.

So enjoy these photos, hopefully they will spark something new for spring! Have you seen a beautiful studio we should know about?? Something clever and creative to organize all the tiny things? Share them!


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