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I love costume jewelry. A lot. In fact, the girls at work have begun to mock my accessorizing. “WHAT!? Leigh is wearing a statement necklace!? (feigning shock, and trying to hide their bemusement). I love the brights the bolds the sparkly the shocking. The old the new the cheap and the expensive. I dare say, even the gaudy. My love knows no bounds.


This is something of a timeless trend, like leopard, plaid, the ballet flat and the shift dress, they will always be in style if worn correctly. Fortunately for me, we are currently in a trend of 'bold, bohemian and bright' and that means that there are no rules! Here are some of my favorites (and a hint for Santa, if he is reading…) that I have found recently.

1.) Show off cuff ~ Lenora Dame

2.) Cocktail Ring by Wendy Mink available at Marmalade (617-484-0093)

3.) Fuchsia Bubble Necklace ~ Marmalade

4.)Pop Stone Stud Earring ~ Banana Republic

5.)Crystal Color Earrings ~ J.Crew

6.)Flower Lattice Necklace ~ J.Crew (AHEM, Santa….)

7.)Tortoise Shell Stretch Bracelet ~ Ann Taylor Loft

8.)Vintage Blue Topaz Earrings ~ Laura James Jewelry

9.)Emerald Ring ~ Laura James Jewelry

10.)Lemon Zest Necklace ~ Anthropologie

11.)Chain Bracelet with Brooch ~ Zara

12.)Boho Necklace ~ Marmalade (617-484-0093)

13.)Point Embroidery Bracelet ~ Anthropologie

What are your favorites!??


We also have a couple of winners from the 10K Facebook Giveaway! Thank you all for sharing so much love!

Sexy Random Number Generator picked comment #32 from Lexi:

And I had not choice but to choose chose Alli Hanson as the creativity winner for being such a super fan (and obviously a valued member of a large clan) that she got nearly everyone she knows to comment, post on FB, or tweet on her behalf. I am almost surprised they didn't send a carrier pigeon. Alli, you are well-loved, and now you have $50 to spend on our website!

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to ALL who shouted out! We will be in touch to get you your $50 Curly Girl Design Gift Certificates



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