A sparkly bev to start off your sparkly holidays!


OH! You guys! I have so much to share with you and so much on my plate that I have not had a single moment to do so! Endlessly sorry!

I am in studio this week up against a really tight deadline (like so tight I should be in there cutting and pasting and doodling right now!) but I wanted to take a moment and say hello, wish you all a happy belated Thanksgiving. Tell you that I am oh so thankful for all of you and share with you this little sparkly glass of perfection that I recently served at my Friends Thanksgiving.

It is a cocktail that was invented by one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. I had it for the first time there this summer over a long, really delightful dinner with friends and colleagues. I did a little digging and found that they had shared the recipe with the local newspaper, and so now, I can share it with my party guests, and of course, you.

It is perfect for anytime, in the summer I would drink it like a lady in a champagne flute, but around the holidays, it is just the right thing on the rocks in your favorite vintage low-ball glass (which you obviously have…).

Later this week, I will fill you in on a bunch of stuff, some sneak peeks (yay!) and then get ready for gift-guides!


Kentucky 75 (from JCT Kitchen, Atlanta)

You will need:

Fresh lemon juice

Honey syrup (equal parts honey and hot water, stir to dissolve) We love Savannah Bee Honey

Wild Turkey American Honey (it's worth finding this exact brand… the others are not as good)

Prosecco or sparkling wine

A cocktail shaker

Lemon twists


In a cocktail shaker, combine 1oz Wild Turkey American Honey, 1/2oz lemon juice, 1/2 ounce honey syrup with ice. Shake well.

Strain into a champagne flute. Top with prosecco. or serve on the rocks in a low-ball glass. Finish with a twist of lemon.


Toast to good friends, healthy families, and all the good to come!


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